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Why Give Flowers on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day Bouquet Recommendations

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As Mother’s Day quietly approaches, flower shops bustle with activity, their windows filled with a variety of bouquets awaiting delivery to the world’s greatest women—our mothers. On this special day, giving flowers has become a global tradition, not only for the beauty and fragrance of the flowers themselves but also because they carry our deep love and gratitude for our mothers.


Why Do We Give Flowers on Mother’s Day?

This tradition dates back to ancient spring ceremonies where people would use flowers to worship and thank Mother Earth for her nourishment. Over time, this custom evolved into the Mother’s Day we know today, a day specifically dedicated to expressing gratitude to our mothers. On this day, giving flowers becomes a symbol, a way to transform our endless gratitude and deep love for our mothers into tangible action.

Flowers have become a global language for expressing love, gratitude, and respect because of their inherent beautiful meanings and the unique charm that transcends language barriers. Each flower, each bouquet, has its own language and meaning, representing different emotions and blessings. For example, roses symbolise love, carnations represent the greatness of mother’s love, and lilies are a symbol of purity. Through these floral languages, we can convey our love and respect to our mothers, letting them feel the warmth and care from their children.

Let’s delve deeper into the significance and reasons for choosing each type of bouquet, to select the perfect one for your mother this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Bouquet Recommendations

Traditional Roses: Representing love and gratitude.

Roses, as classic symbols of love, also contain deep love and gratitude for mothers. Pink roses, with their soft colours, represent tender love and deep thanks, conveying care and appreciation for all her sacrifices. Yellow roses symbolise close family bonds, their bright colours bringing joy and sunshine into a mother’s life.


Carnations: Symbolising the purity and beauty of a mother’s love.

Carnations are a traditional choice for Mother’s Day, especially pink carnations, which not only symbolise a mother’s tenderness and love but also her strength and courage. The language of carnations contains respect and praise for a mother’s unconditional love. Choosing a bouquet of carnations is a beautiful way to repay a mother’s endless support and sacrifice.


Lilies: Representing nobility and purity, a reverence for mothers.

Lilies, with their noble stance and white petals, are the perfect choice to express pure love and admiration for mothers. White lilies symbolise purity and nobility, the highest praise for a mother’s pure love. Pink lilies softly express love and thanks, a warm and delicate choice.


Sunflowers: Bringing warmth and positive energy like sunshine.

Sunflowers, with their bright yellow colour and resilient nature, symbolises positivity, optimism, and vitality. They can bring hope and happiness to a mother’s day, just as mothers are our relentless supporters and encouragers. Giving a bouquet of sunflowers lets a mother’s smile shine as brightly as the summer sun.


Preserved Eternal Flowers: Symbolising everlasting love and immortal memories.

Preserved Eternal flowers, or eternal preserved flowers, are treated through a special process that allows them to maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. They represent an unchanging love for mothers, a love that remains fresh and vibrant even as time passes. Choosing eternal flowers as a Mother’s Day gift is a hope that this love and memory will be preserved forever, just like the eternal flowers.


Tips for Maintaining Your Mother’s Day Bouquet:


When that carefully selected bouquet of flowers is delivered to your mother, it not only conveys a message of love and gratitude but also brings an opportunity for this love to continue blooming. To ensure these beautiful flowers accompany your mother for a longer time, follow these steps to teach her how to extend the vibrancy and vitality of the flowers.

First, find a suitable vase and ensure it is clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. A clean vase provides a healthy environment for the flowers to thrive.

Then, trim the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle about 1-2 centimetres. This increases the stem’s water absorption area, helping the flowers absorb water more effectively.

Fill the vase with clean water and add the flower food provided by the florist. These specialised nutrients can provide the necessary nourishment for the flowers, helping them stay vibrant.

Avoid placing the bouquet in direct sunlight or near air vents; choose a cool and ventilated place instead. Overheating or drying environments can accelerate the wilting of flowers.

Change the water daily and re-trim the stems. Keeping the water clean can effectively extend the life of the flowers.


Nectar Flowers Mother’s Day Service

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